SRO E-Sport GT Series®
2019 Championship Regulation

Download Rulebook

SRO E-Sport GT Series is an e-sports competition that will take place during the Blancpain GT Series (the GT3 racing championship organized by SRO Motorsports Group) calendar for 2019. The competition will consist of 4 on-site e-sports races featuring the game Assetto Corsa Competizione® and the three final top drivers will access a racing experience with Lamborghini Squadra Corse. This racing experience is restricted to players over the age of 16 (it is necessary to be at least 16 years old before the end of September 2019), if a player under the age of 16 will be one of the top three drivers of the season, his prize will be being selected for a professional e-sport team that will be defined later on.

The four rounds will be hosted at the following tracks, and players’ travel organization and expenses are not covered by the organization:

  • Round 1: Monza / 13-14 April 2019 / Monza, Italy
  • Round 2: Paul Ricard / 31 May – 1 June 2019 / Le Castellet, France
  • Round 3: Spa / 25-28 July 2019 / Stavelot, Belgium
  • Round 4: Nurburgring / 30 August – 1 September 2019 / Nurburg, Germany
  • Grand Finale (finalists only): Barcelona / 28-29 September, 2019

The e-sports competition will feature 3 classes, all fighting for the same objective: accessing a racing experience thanks to Lamborghini Squadra Corse. All three classes are in the same competition! They are simply divided into 3 groups (AM=Amateur, SILVER, PRO) depending on how they wish to qualify for the on-site races, where 12 high end simulators will be available and completely set up by the organizers of SRO E-SPORT GT Series.

The top 12 drivers of each class (12 AM, 12 SILVER, 12 PRO) will compose 3 semi-finals (AM Semi-Final, SILVER Semi-Final, PRO Semi-Final).
The top 4 drivers of each class semi-final (the best 4 AM, 4 SILVER, 4 PRO semi-finalists) will enter the Round’s final (then composed by the best 4 AMs, 4 SILVERs, 4 PROs for a total of 12 drivers). This racing routine will apply to each of the 4 qualifying rounds in Monza Circuit, Circuit Paul Ricard, Spa Francorchamps, Nurburgring GP).

The final round in Barcelona will consist of the top-12 drivers, comprising the podiums of the four rounds, following this scheme:

  • AM Class (4 drivers selected on-site)
    AM class is dedicated to anyone over the age of 16. They just need to register online, or directly on-site at the info point of one of the four rounds. They will queue and have a slot on the simulators to score their best possible result. The top 4 AM drivers will access the AM semi-final. This is the best suitable way to participate if you do not own Assetto Corsa Competizione on Steam and if you are at least 16 years old.

  • SILVER Class (12 drivers selected via online Hotstint competition – replay file or session video required)
    SILVER class is dedicated to everyone and owning a regular license of Assetto Corsa Competizione in her/his Steam library. If a SILVER player will be in the top 12, but not over 16 years of age before September 2019, he will be admitted to each round’s semi-finals and finals, but in case of a podium result in Barcelona’s final he won’t be allowed to access the real life racing experience (minimum age required: 16), he will be instead promoted into a professional e-sport team (defined later on by the organizers) as an official driver.
    This class allows to completely skip the on-site queue by being one of the best 12 drivers in the in-game Special Event “SRO E-Sport GT Series”. In fact, for players owning Assetto Corsa Competizione and a regular internet connection, it is sufficient to enter the game, select “Special Events” from the main menu, accessing the active Special Event and play. Of valid session results (no cuts or other lap invalidating behaviours) the game will store the data on a server and the results will be shown on this website’s leaderboard. Each SRO E-Sport Series Round (Monza Circuit, Circuit Paul Ricard, Spa Francorchamps, Nurburgring GP) will feature a specific and dedicated in-game Special Event. Each of these Special Events will be active (will record data for the leaderboard) exclusively in the qualification window. Qualification windows will be published in this website and on the official Facebook page

  • PRO Class (12 drivers invited by the organization without qualifications)
    PRO Class is dedicated to e-sports stars and professional teams, and they will be selected and invited by the organization. Travel expenses are not covered by SRO E-Sport GT Series organizers (just like in a real race, drivers pay their travel, or their teams do, not the championship organizers). If you or your team are a major e-sports entity, if you scored international results during the major e-sports competitions in racing simulations over the last years, register here. All teams registering into the PRO category will be checked by the organization, that will allow up to 2 slots to the selected teams, depending on the availability. This class is intended to give to the most successful champions of sim racing history of e-sports a chance to show their talent, and also to spice up the competition thanks to their VIP presence. Be aware: the PRO class will have no advantage in the competition other than skipping the on-site selections.


SRO E-Sport GT Series®
2019 Championship Regulation – Extended Version


1. General
This championship is organized by SRO Motorsport Group together with Ak Informatica featuring the game “Assetto Corsa Competizione – The Official Blancpain GT Series Game”® and supported by Pirelli. All dates are referring to year 2019. The top 3 drivers of the whole season will access a racing experience with Lamborghini Squadra Corse and will be evaluated as possible future professional racing drivers. Please refer to for official updates on timetable, opening dates, regulation updates. All the computers, wheels, pedal sets and needed devices for the 12 simulators will be provided by the organization and personal devices won’t be allowed.

  • 1bis. Players must be at least 16 years of age in order to access the on-site selections and the Lamborghini Squadra Corse racing experience. They also need to own a regular Assetto Corsa Competizione Steam license (PC platform only). Players registering and qualifying in the top 12 for the SILVER class and with an age under 16 (accomplished before the end of September 2019) will have the right to participate to the relative round semi-final, but in case of a podium in the round final, and a podium at the end of Grand Finale in Barcelona, they won’t access the real racing experience (due to minimum age requirements) and they will be accepted in a professional e-sports team instead. The professional e-sport team will be defined later and this information will be published on website, under the news section.

2. Series Categories
The championship has 3 different categories that will compete for the same Lamborghini Squadra Corse racing experience access, with balanced possibilities to win each round of the season:

  • PRO Class selected Semi-Finalists (12 drivers)
    Invitational drivers only (12 drivers)

  • SILVER Class selected semi-finalists (12 drivers)
    Online qualified drivers (12 drivers)

  • AM Class selected semi-finalists (12 drivers)
    The fastest 4 people from the on-site public qualifiers,  the 5th to 8th positioners of the SILVER semi-final and the 5th to 8th positioners of the PRO semi-final.

3. Rounds and Dates
The SRO E-Sport GT Series consists of 4 on-site Rounds:

  • Round 1: Monza / 13-14 April 2019 / Monza, Italy
  • Round 2: Paul Ricard / 31 May – 1 June 2019 / Le Castellet, France
  • Round 3: Spa / 25-28 July 2019 / Stavelot, Belgium
  • Round 4: Nurburgring / 30 August – 1 September 2019 / Nurburg, Germany

Final: When and how to access the final
The SRO E-Sport GT Series will have 1 Grand Finale hosted in  Barcelona from 28th to 29th of September 2019. Each of the four  rounds of the SRO E-Sport GT Series will be composed of 3 semi-finals (AM, SILVER, PRO) with the best four drivers of each semi-final being eligible for a 12 driver Round Final (the best 4 AMs, 4 SILVERs, 4 PROs). The Round final will give a podium of three drivers, that will gain access to the Barcelona final regardless of their class. These three Round podium drivers will access Barcelona final without needing to join any of the other rounds. They will be not prevented from joining other Series Rounds, but if their results once again puts them on this Round’s podium, they will leave the Barcelona final’s reserved slot to the following driver according to the Round final’s leaderboard order. (He will still be celebrated on the podium).

4. How to join SRO E-SPORT GT SERIES
Subscribing to the SRO E-Sport GT Series participants will have 3 ways to access semi-finals and balanced chances to win the Round for all classes:

    • PRO Class – Suggested for professional e-sport drivers:
      Registration and Invitation request filling at under the PRO registration tab, the team registration must be performed by the team manager. The organization will invite teams based on their leagues results and drivers popularity in the esports scenario in order to fill the 12 PRO slots for the best possible on-site show. The staff will collect all the invitation requests to the PRO class and will compose a 12 drivers selection trying to give to every team the same amount of driver slots.  The 12 invited drivers must confirm their on-site presence through their team manager and show up at the event. The Round meeting point for Monza, Paul Ricard, Spa and Nurburgring GP will be detailed round-by-round by the staff in the forum, Facebook page and news section of the SRO E-Sport GT Series. The invited PRO drivers will automatically join the PRO Semi-Final without further qualifications needed.
      Reference mail for any inquiry is
      These 12 drivers will compose the PRO semi-final.

    • SILVER Class – Suggested to anyone:
      Registration at and participation to the SRO E-Sport Special Event inside the game  “Assetto Corsa Competizione”. 
      A dedicated Special Event will be used in the game for each of the four rounds. The Special Event Leaderboard will be opened for two weeks before the last Monday before the Round’s weekend (leaderboard opening time frame may be subject to changes, please refer to the news section, forum and Facebook page). The Special Events will be set with a single car (different for each round) in the round’s reference track.

      Example and how to qualify as a SILVER Class participant:
      • Go to  in the Register Section – Silver and create your account
      • Open Assetto Corsa Competizione → Special Events → Special Event #1  “ SRO E-Sport Round 1 – Monza”
      • By playing in this mode, your best valid lap will be stored by the server (the game detects track cuts and invalidates the lap).
      • If the lap is not shown correctly on the leaderboard, please make sure you are correctly registered to the website, that you are using an original Steam® version of Assetto Corsa Competizione® and that your driving assists are matching the ones imposed by the event regulation.
      • The Car setup will be locked from customization and only Safe, Wet and Aggressive setup presets will be available to be loaded. Any attempt to make use of glitches in order to edit the setup will invalidate the attempt and can bring to disqualification. It is allowed to edit TC (Traction Control) value and ABS (anti-blocking system for braking) values together with the other available from cockpit ones, like Brake Bias.
      • The overall leaderboard will be available at and the best 12 drivers of this leaderboard will compose the on-site round semi-final for the SILVER class. All the 12 best drivers will be contacted by the staff for a track invitation and they will be asked to confirm their presence before 48 hours after the leaderboard will be closed.
        The reference e-mail for the SILVER class is
    • AMATEUR Class – Suggested to anyone:
      Must show-up both on Friday OR Saturday morning and register at the SRO E-Sport GT Series Arena booth directly. Alternatively AM drivers are allowed to register themselves on the website and show their registration credentials to the reception assistants, that will authorize for skipping the registration queue. AM Class will compete on the same special event used for the SILVER class, so a 10 minutes Hotstint session with locked setup and driving assists.
      The best 4 on-site AM qualifiers will access the AMATEUR Class Semi-Final together with the 5th to 8th positions of the SILVER semi-final and the 5th to 8th position of the PRO semi-final.


  • In case of missing drivers from PRO and SILVER categories the number of AM drivers accepted to the semi-finals will rise because the top AM drivers will access automatically the missing PRO and SILVER slots in order of AM leaderboard (i.e. if a PRO is missing he will be replaced by the top AM driver and so on).

Please Note:
The on-site qualifications will be held during scheduled time frames that will be announced via forum, Facebook page and News section during the week before the on-site event.The AM selections (aiming to select the best 4 drivers from the Blancpain GT Series on-site public) will be held during Fridays and Saturdays.It is highly suggested to register during Friday morning, slots will be limited to allow a suitable event organization.
On-site AM qualifiers will have priority when they will be at their first attempt


    • .


  • On-Site races – Round Semi-Final and Finals Access and Elimination Phase:

    • The above selections will result in 12 PRO drivers, 12 SILVER drivers, 12 AM drivers

    • If PRO or SILVER drivers are missing on-site, they will be replaced by a higher number of AM drivers selected. These AM drivers will fill up the missing slots in PRO and SILVER in leaderboard order.
      Example: if 2 PROs and 2 SILVERs are missing, the first 2 AMs will access automatically the PRO race and the 3rd and 4th AM will join the SILVER category. 
      Please Note that both the overall season opportunity to join Lamborghini Squadra Corse for a racing experience and the possibility to go on the round podium celebration at Monza, Paul Ricard, Spa and Nurburgring GP will be given to the 3 top overall drivers. So accessing PRO, SILVER or AM semifinal doesn’t affect the chances to succeed in a remarkable way. The overall challenge is being one the 3 top drivers of the round and the staff will refuse any complain regarding the race scheduling, elimination phases and timetable in relation to category changes and race results. The overall competition will be overviewed by race direction and marshalls, details at point 7.

    • Access to the Round Final will be reserved to:
      • PRO top 4 drivers in the PRO semi-final
      • SILVER top 4 drivers in the SILVER semi-final
        Please Note: both PRO and SILVER semi-finals will exclude 8 drivers each for a total of 16. This 16 drivers will be allowed to queue in the public line and score a laptime that could potentially allow them to qualify for the AM semi-final. In each round (Monza, Paul Ricard, Spa, Nurburgring GP) the amount of attempts available to the on-site qualifiers (public + eliminated PRO semi-finalists + eliminated SILVER semi-finalists) will be decided by the staff. If the public line of contenders will be long, the number of attempts could be limited down to only 1 per person. The drivers eliminated from semi-finals  PRO and SILVER drivers will have a secondary queue priority in comparison with the AM public queue. The staff will have the freedom to close the public queue and driver selections at any time due to a) Public Safety reasons / b) Technical Issues / c) Timetable issues, eventual closing times will be announced by the Race Director.
      • AM top 4 drivers in the AMATEUR semi-final
      • The Round final will be composed in this way by the best 4 PROs, 4 SILVERs and 4 AMs

5. Race Direction, Disqualifications and Rules

    • Race Direction
      Race director and marshalls will organize a race briefing 30 minutes before the start of each semi-final

    • Rulebook
      A driving behaviour rulebook is available at this link and it will be explained by the race direction during the entire on-site weekend.

    • Evidence
      Race Replay will be saved on all 12 PCs together with a personal video of the whole race

    • Penalties

      • Race Behaviour
          • Track Cut – automatic detection
          • Unfair manoeuvres – Drive Through Penalty if detected in real time and + 1 minute on final timing if detected via replay. They can bring to black flag (disqualification) depending on the gravity of the manoeuvre. 
      • Others: In case of further evaluations, the Race Director will establish penalties based on his expertise and common sense and can add penalty seconds at the end of a race, disqualify any participant in case of a post race complaint or set an evaluation period to take the best decision for each case
    • General behaviour
      • Hacking: any hack detection will cause permanent disqualification from the series, lifetime.
      • Sabotage: it is absolutely forbidden to (on any of the machines and components of the area)
        • Install any software on the competition rigs
        • Edit any system or game file
        • Voluntarily damaging any of the components in the Area. Transgressors will be reported to local authorities.

  • Car Selection (Semi-Finals and Finals only)
    The Car Selection will be done accordingly to the “pick-from-group” method. All ACC cars will be divided in 2 different groups (A & B):

    • Each Simulator will be randomly assigned to the players and each simulator will feature the availability of:
      • 1 Car from Group A (easily faster cars)
      • Any Car from Group B (equally fast, but more difficult to set)
      • The car selection for the semi-final will be carried on to the final with no change possibility.

    • Example:
          • Rig 1
            Car 1 from Group A or
            Any Car from Group B
          • Rig 2
            Car 2 from Group A or
            Any Car from Group B
  • Car Setup
    Car Setup will be free to be edited during Free Practice Sessions for Semi-Finals and Finals. It will be locked for the SILVER Class selections (Special Event / Online Leaderboard) and it will be locked also for the entire AM selections, running on the same Special Event.

  • Session Settings
    • Weather: set by Race Direction as Dynamic and will evolve randomly
    • Daytime: set by Race Direction
    • Assists:
      • Banned: Ideal Line, Stability Control
      • Allowed: Auto Pit Limiter / Auto Clutch / Auto Lights, Wiper, Engine Starter
    • Track grip: set by Race Direction

  • Hardware Setup
    All the 12 simulators will use the same PC config and software config, same monitor, same audio devices, same control devices and same monitor stand and sim racing rig. A checklist will be performed on each machine before official competitions. It is absolutely forbidden to insert any USB device or connect any Wi-Fi device to any of the simulator components. Transgressors will be banned lifetime from the series.
  • Arena Technical Issues Management:
    • Hardware or Software fault of 1 Racing Rig only after lap 1: DNF, race will continue
    • Hardware or Software fault of 1 Racing Rig only before lap 1: New start procedure
    • Hardware or Software fault of more than 1 Racing Rig or network or power issue before 70% of the race total time, red flag, restart procedure under safety car for the remaining time. The remaining time will be approximated to a multiple of 5 minutes.
    • Hardware or Software fault of more than 1 Racing Rig or network or power issue after 70% of the race total time, red flag, last completed lap will be the final lap.

6. General Race Timetable (the Blancpain GT Series events are set differently depending on Sprint, Endurance, 24h races). Please refer to the calendar page



Please Note: Time table will be different for each specific event. Please refer to for the accurate timetable for each event.



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